Tuesday, July 29, 2014

First time away from home - First Change

My first time away from home was almost 10 years ago when I left home for boarding school. I can't remember that exact day, I also don't remember how exactly I felt that day except for the part that I was not happy going away from home. I was too young to stay away from home then , only about 14 years old. I knew nothing about outside world , didn't know how to talk to strangers, didn't know how to make friends, didn't know how to take care of people around me , didn't understand the importance of people around me in my life ,and most importantly didn't know how to be on myself .
   I was suddenly in a situation where all these things were required of me. but slowly and steadily I made few new friends. I started to gel with surrounding. Serving meal for the hostel, washing own dishes, sharing biscuits-chiwada-laddoos with  friends, being with friends all the times whether it is good or bad- happy or sad - healthy or sick  and realizing the value of family changed me a bit .As far as I know That must be the first time  I changed , and changed for good .
 There are very few things which are really worth in life: Friends who will make fun of you no matter where you are and what you become in your life. Family who will back you even when you are at lowest point in your life and last, moments you spend with friends and family which will be with you always as memories. The first time you are away from your family, It is time to recollect these memories and knowing their worth.

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