Monday, September 8, 2014

Not everything Sucks

 Most difficult time was when I learnt that I'll be moving to a boarding and before I actually moved there. I did want to go there initially as my parents had told me many good things like all the great stuff they have in their school like horse-riding, trekking every weekend, fun groups, Hobby-schools and all. I was very excited and telling everybody how much fun I'll have playing football and doing stuffs.
  As the D-day came nearby, it turned out I did not want to go at all. I was too afraid. I did not want to go away from my family; I did not want to go away from my friends, my school. Everything I needed was here and I did not want anything more. I even tried getting sick but it was of no use. And then I started hating everything. I did not play with my friends; I did not talk to anyone (except my great grandpa who was insistent on me not going to boarding school). I was sad and for me everything sucked.
   We are resistant to change even though we want things to happen. It’s not the change that we are scared of but it is the phase of transition that we all want to skip. We want things to be smooth and comfortable every time. What I realized after was that more than me, my family did not want me to go to boarding school. They wanted me to be with them all the time but to them it was necessary for me, maybe my future and they were ready to do everything for my good. More than me it was hard for them to change because more than me their life revolved around us (me, my brother and my sister). And then here I was thinking If they can do it for me , why can't I for myself !
And from that moment NOT everything sucked!

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